Reinventing Business Litigation

Business Law

We partner with our clients to navigate the often tedious and complex waters of business law.

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Dispute Resolution

Our goal is to end your business dispute quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

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Choosing an Attorney

Hiring an effective attorney is crucial to the success of your business.

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We're proud of our achievements as we work to reinvent business litigation.

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What our clients say

"Mr. Fryar has proved his deep knowledge and professionalism in law. His unusual discovery of the "hidden" evidences makes my claim much bigger than expected, which positions me in a stronger position when mediating with the counterpart. Thus, this dispute could be solved very quickly by mediation in and avoided the time consuming litigation process while a satisfactory recovery was achieved."

Wang Yunping, Independent Business Owner

"Through all the ups and downs, Anna and I remained confident in our cause as the defendants were unable to lay a glove on the facts of your case and how brilliantly you articulated it. This forced the defendants to resort to disruptive tactics and hand-to-hand combat, all the while you kept your cool and integrity. In the end, they were no match for your legal expertise."

John Swanson, Minority Shareholder - Exdiam Corporation