Our Mission is to protect the interests of small businesses burdened with a business dispute and to restore and promote fairness and dignity in the marketplace.

To achieve this mission, we endeavor to deliver business dispute resolution services that are outstanding in the following ways:


If small businesses cannot afford our services, then we will fail in our mission. We price our services fairly and within the capabilities of most small businesses to pay. We perform our work quickly, efficiently, and effectively so as to bring the overall cost of achieving a fair resolution to a dispute as low as possible.


Our clients cannot afford a war of attrition. A lengthy delay in resolving a business dispute costs more than just money. The faster we perform our services, the quicker we achieve final resolution, the better it is for our clients. We organize our work and strategy to achieve the speediest resolution possible.


Because our clients have limited resources, they must be able to plan and budget for litigation costs and make good decisions regarding litigation and settlement strategy. Therefore, we work to reduce the uncertainties of the process for our clients and to provide accurate predictions of the costs and potential outcomes.


We work hard to be accurate and focused in our analysis and tactics, to get it right quickly and efficiently, and to avoid errors and poor judgments. High-quality work wins for our clients and ultimately costs less.

Client Service.

Everything else we do is for no purpose if our clients feel confused, lost, neglected, powerless, or forgotten. We endeavor to make our clients feel informed, in control, and cared for.