What our clients say…

“Being involved in any litigation is a stressful situation. However, with Fryar Law Firm on your side, you can rest assured that everything is being handled with the highest degree of professionalism and unparalleled expertise. They are truly the experts and will ensure that your matter achieves the best results possible. The other side has little chance against the legal authorities that are the Fryar Law Firm.”

Carly Filgueira

Minority Shareholder

“This was a most unusual legal process for all, and there is no doubt that without the expertise of the Fryar office in the field of shareholder representation and rights, the CMKM Shareholders would have never been granted access to these parties.

Mr. Fryar and the whole office went out of their way to superbly represent, answer questions, inform and meet the needs of the CMKX Shareholders.”

Jerry Kozic

Minority Shareholder

“Great job Eric and team. This was a real victory!”

Al Hartman

President, Hartman Income REIT

“I cannot express how diligent and knowledgeable Eric and Christina were in representing my best interests. Christina did an outstanding job in getting the best settlement for me. The character and integrity in which she handled my case was second to none.”

Julie Parsley


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work, support and of course the settlement in the matter of Tevis Vs D’Ercole. Finding you was the best thing that could have happened in my case. As you know, I was at the final stage of trying to get anything back from my former partner. You immediately gained my trust and confidence. I knew that you really cared about my case and it was a privilege to have been a client of the Fryar Law Firm. Eric – you left no stone unturned, always letting me know what your thoughts on the case were. You never misinformed me on what the outcome could be. I admire your integrity and your legal expertise. You put a lot of time and effort in this case and I wish you the very best. I would refer anyone with business disputes to your firm without hesitation and with this quote. ‘You may only need the Fryar Law Firm once in your lifetime, but be assured you have chosen the best of the best for your business litigation issues.'”

Mike Tevis

Minority Shareholder

“Thanks for all your help on my Amtex case. I feel it was a great success. You did an outstanding and professional job and I feel the other side did not even have a chance. In fact, they were not able to make any real defense on any point.”

Brad Johnson

Minority Shareholder

“You did a fabulous job this week. … I want to affirm one more time, that I really believe in you and you have gotten us excellent results. You are outstanding!

Al Hartman

Hartman Income REIT

“To those who are in legal trouble:
I had a commission dispute with one of the leading companies in the United States (or in the world). I was really quite concerned … as this company seems so strong. I was unable to make much progress until I luckily got Mr. Eric Fryar as my legal representative. Mr. Fryar has proved his deep knowledge and professionalism in law. His unusual discovery of the “hidden” evidences makes my claim much bigger than expected, which positions me in a stronger position when mediating with the counterpart. Thus, this dispute could be solved very quickly by mediation in and avoided the time consuming litigation process while a satisfactory recovery was achieved. If anybody is in trouble and looking for a lawyer, I believe Mr. Eric Fryar is the right senior legal counsel you can rely on. Again, I’d like to wish Mr. Fryar continuous success in his legal practice!”

Wang Yunping

Independent Business Owner

“It was a rough fight. You tackled and put on hold (until Justice was served) the largest mining merger in Canadian history…. Eric — you faced the fire of adversity and prevailed due to your unique understanding of the law and refusal to be intimidated. Through all the ups and downs, Anna and I remained confident in our cause as the defendants were unable to lay a glove on the facts of your case and how brilliantly you articulated it. This forced the defendants to resort to disruptive tactics and hand-to-hand combat; all the while you kept your coll and integrity. In the end, they were no match for your legal expertise.”

John Swanson

Minority Shareholder, Exdiam Corporation

“You did a superb job in the courtroom. I can honestly say that your preparation and delivery in the court room far surpassed any attorney which I have had dealings with. … Should I ever need of an attorney in Houston, I would choose you again,and will recommend you to anyone else that may ask for my advice.”

J.N. Turpin

Minority Shareholder, Turpin Environmental Analytics, Inc.

“If it were not for your unique intelligence (one-of-a-kind), the Swanson case would never have reached the Courtroom. … On a personal level, Anna, George and I respect so much your integrity and decency as an individual and a lawyer.”

John D. Swanson

President, International Resource Ventures, Inc.

“The quality that you have exhibited in your legal representation though-provoking energy, research and clear mindedness…”

Jim and Kellie Williams

TransAndean Partners, Inc.

“I believe that the positive outcome was entirely a result of your dedication to our case. The integrity and knowledge of the law that you and your amazing team demonstrated during the preparation phase and during the case is to be commended above all.”

Herbert Miles

Tubular Services

“I was most impressed by the way you prosecuted our case. … You knew how to appeal to the jury and their concerns. …The most important thing, of course, is that you won.”

J. Frank Fernandes

Teacher Retirement System of Texas

“I have admired your tenacity and intelligence during the past two years… This past week all of the preparation and organization became evident, especially when compared to our opposition.”

Raymond Brochstein